Loving The Way of the Heart – Center for Transformation is an Institute of Personal Growth.

We offer Active, Passive & Social Meditations, Group Therapy, Self-Hypnosis, Counseling, Ancient arts like Chi Kung and Japanese Zen Archery (Kyudo) to Individuals, Groups, Companies, School, Colleges and Organisations to bring inner joy in present day life.

At Loving, we practice scientific methods & arts for personal growth. Our programs range from 2 hours to one year of training.

Our mission is to become the Master of our own life with the help of personal growth methods like meditation, therapy, hypnosis, yoga, music, arts & conscious living.

Our Vision is to become the most loving human beings we can possibly be and make this world a better place for our children.

The goal is Friendship & making a community of like-minded people. Loving is a community center.

2001: We started in 1-11-2001 as Bookshop, Library & Meditation center in Ahmedabad. We have reached to many people participating in Book fairs in all over India.
2010: We have opened our online store for distribution of books, meditation cd & music to people in India.
2011: Started Loving Center for Transformation in Ahmedabad & Mumbai offering Humaniversity AUM Meditations every month.
2013: Opened first center in Ahmedabad with multipurpose studio, café & library. Started Community Membership
2013: Affiliation with Humaniversity, Holland
2015: Launched new website, www.lovingworld.in Started Volunteer program & Enlovement Training

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Interview on FM Radio One with RJ Samina

Interview on FM Radio One with RJ Samina

Meet The Team

 Dr. Ronak Gandhi
Dr. Ronak GandhiFounder
He is a Medical Doctor specialized in Health Care Management, Partner in Family Business and 4th Black Belt in Kyudo – Japanese Zen Archery. He is an acclaimed Peace Ambassador from Humaniversity, Holland and expert in Meditation, Therapy, Hypnosis & Healing Arts.
Rishma Palkar
Rishma PalkarFacilitator
I am an MBA in Management Information Systems and trained in Meditation Facilitator. I believe that by investing in Personal Growth only i can take responsibility of my own life and my happiness. My life is dedicated to taking a proactive approach towards becoming more loving, creative and friendly.
Devang Raval
Devang RavalArt Therapist
Professional Artist and a Meditator. He has his own Art Gallery & has organized exhibitions & seminars on his paintings at various places in the country. He strongly believes that his endeavor towards inner transformation & Personal Growth through Loving has helped him unlock his artistic potential and provided him with artistic insights at all times.


I have learn it in Your session is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.
Khushboo Kantharia, Founder Disha NGO
Buddha died, went to heaven and stood in front of the pearly gates. Buddha refused to enter and said “I will come in only when all of mankind has entered”. Ronak, You are a Sambuddha and your job is to take care of people. I send you all my love and support.
Veeresh D Youson Sanchez, Founder, Humaniversity
I attended the emotional wellness workshop which was a lot of fun. It was interactive, well conducted and full of activities. I touched base with certain emotions and learnt new techniques to deal with them. It was interesting.
Darshana Doshi, freelance writer/editor/journalist
Experienced meditation world for the first time in my life with Dr Ronak Gandhi. AUM meditation was invigorating exhilarating stimulating, rejuvenating and poignant. It was a roller coaster of emotions like inhibition, fear, sadness, anger, laughter joy, n finally inner peace..
Shraddha Ganjawala
This is a beautiful effort by Ronak and this meditation has a lot of depth. If done with proper understanding, it can transform a person in a shorter span of time. Having a balanced life and being centered is the key to a blissful life. This is a good formula to detoxify. I hope everybody discovers this for themselves.
Smita Gondkar, Film Actress
Hi guys, Its Amazing…
I wish I would have been there in India to be a part of this
I am proud to be part of this organization Ronak
Really good work, keep it up
Congratulation to Loving Team
Snehal Shah, Pharmacist, USA