Project Description

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Enlovement means being in a state of love. It is a Self-Discovery of who you are, journey of Love, Light & Laughter. Opening of your Heart, Flowering of your utmost potential, Reclaiming your lost childhood, Merging in to oneness with all and dive into the nothingness. Yes… It is possible to attain this state of Enlovement.

Only by living in a state of love – Enlovement, we can live true to ourselves and have a fulfilled life, be it relationship, creativity, achieving our life’s vision, to spread this message of love and creating friendships in our life.

Enlovement word is given by Veeresh to Ronak. Enlovement was launched on March 21 2015 & since then we celebrate 21st March as Enlovement Day.

We had a graduation ceremony of last year Enlovement Training.