Project Description

This is the last meditation Osho has given to us. He introduced it saying: “Human beings have to be taught to make friends with themselves”.

This guided meditation is a process of deep relaxation. In deep relaxation you will communicate with your body and learn to listen to its messages. So you will experience how your Psyche with all its thoughts and feelings expresses itself through your body. You will experience that even diseases, pains and addictions ( eating too much, too much alcohol, cigarettes etc.) are attempts of your unconscious mind to somehow support you in your life.

This might sound surprising but it is a scientifically proven fact.
Through this understanding you will find new and more healthy behaviors to support yourself in your daily life.
 Osho wanted this meditation to contain hypnotic suggestions. These suggestions mobilize your self-healing energies and will help you to treat yourself as your own very best friend.

Facilitator: Madita Dickhut

Madita Dickhut has been with Osho since 1979. She has been leading trainings and workshops in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Meditation in the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune (India) and in different countries all over the world for many years. So she has worked with most different social conditionings and mind-maps. She uses the philosophy and brilliant tools of NLP as well as the experience of meditation to help people to use their thinking processes in a helpful way. The goal always is an improvement of life quality towards more joy, intelligence and inner peace.