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Kyudo Zen Archery

Kyudo, which literally means The Way of the Bow, is considered by many to be the purest of all the martial ways. Its practice peels away the protective layers of ego that we all hide behind and allows our true nature to be revealed.

In the past, the Japanese bow was used for hunting, war, court ceremonies, games, and contests of skill. Modern Kyudo is practiced primarily as a method of physical, moral, and spiritual development. Kyudo is practiced in 3 ways: Sports, Martial Art & Meditation.

Kyudo is traditionally practiced in a specialized DOJO (Training Facility for Shooting Arrows) with Shooting House, Target House & the distance range from 3 meters to 60 meters.

About the Facilitator

Dr. Ronak Gandhi is the facilitator and Founder of Loving – Center for Transformation. He is a Medical Doctor specialized in Health Care Management, Partner in Family Business and 4th Black Belt in Kyudo – Japanese Zen Archery. He is an acclaimed Peace Ambassador & AUM Leader from Humaniversity, Holland & expert in Meditation, Therapy, Hypnosis & Healing Arts.

·      Member of Swiss Kyudo Federation – a part of International Kyudo Federation

·      Current Grade: Yondan (4th Black Belt) in Asia – Oceanic Seminar in Nagoya, Japan in 2013.

·      Attended International Kyudo Seminars in England, Switzerland, France and Japan

·      Presented a Workshop on Kyudo in ZEGG, Germany in 2010 & Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay in 2012

·      Only Indian National with 4th Dan, covered in few newspapers, magazines & TV News.

·      He is practicing Kyudo in his personal DOJO built on a farmland in Ahmedabad and working towards making an Indian Kyudo Federation and opening the first Kyudo School in India.