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The Way of the Heart (WOH)

We observe that nowadays children like adults, are also affected by stress, anxiety, frustration, fear, anger, restlessness and many more. Similarly, teachers like other working people have to face issues like stress, work productivity and dealing with children is a very responsible act. Teachers too have to maintain a good emotional balance to gently create discipline and decorum among the students at all times and to help them learn more and be focussed.

Like plants need nature – air, sun & water, children also need loving enviornment to grow. Every child is so intelliegent, they just need love & care from us – parents, teachers & society. Instead of giving them readymade value system, we can help them to create their own. Their heart is so pure, that they know everything, they are so natural, spontaneous and have so much energy. Only a heart, full of love & happiness can understand child’s state of mind. Heart’s electromagnetic field is 5000 times bigger than the mind’s. We just need to nourish their heart with Love, Care & Support.

Children are our future citizens. Loving’s program for Children offers an alternative way of learning in a warm, safe and supportive environment. Children and Teenagers learn to accept and love themselves, learn their responsibilities and become sensitive to their own and others’ feelings. The Way of the Heart will help children and teachers relate better with their own selves and others and unfold their inner potential. It helps in many ways – release stress, relax, increased self-esteem, self-acceptance and confidence and help to relate better with oneself and others and most important, be a role model to children.

Students will be able to cope with stress, anger, frustration, isolation, learn to accept rejection and improve in happiness, study, concentration, respect, good behaviour & finally to achive the goals in life. All our programs are non spiritual & non religious and we have already worked with 100s of students & teachers in past with good results.

WOH is designed for Teachers & Students using:

  • Social Meditations
  • Self Awareness Exercises
  • Centering Techniques
  • Guided Meditations like Inner Smile & Relaxation
  • Painting & Creativity
  • Loving Yoga
  • Playful Activities