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Health as per WHO is a physical, social, mental and emotional well being, not an absence of disease. Most of the diseases appear in the body, but they arise somewhere else. Also feeling negative emotions play a major role in well being. When you are happy, your immunity is increased. In holistic healing, we will find the roots of symptoms & work on relieving and channelizing negative emotions with positive healing emotions.

We will do Counseling, Self Hypnosis, Healing Statement, Forgotten Language of Talking to Body-Mind, Relaxing Body Mind, Forgiveness Meditation, Gratitude Meditation or any other method suitable for you.

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Dr. Ronak Gandhi, Founder & Chief Facilitator

Ronak is a Medical Doctor specialized in Health Care Management, Partner in Family Business and 4th Black Belt in Kyudo – Japanese Zen Archery. He is an acclaimed Peace Ambassador from Humaniversity, Holland and expert in Meditation, Therapy, Hypnosis & Healing Arts.

Ronak is trained & experienced in –

◦ Social & AUM Meditation Leader by Humaniversity, Holland
◦ Peace Ambassador by Humaniversity, Holland
◦ 4th Dan (Black Belt) in Japanese Zen Archery – Kyudo
◦ OSHO Meditations
◦ Chi Kung & Self Hypnosis
◦ Zen Counselling by Zen Kinesiology, Japan
◦ Fellow of Royal Institute of Public Health.
◦ Acuenergetics – I by School of Acuenergetics, Australia


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Mobile/Whatsapp: +918758633222

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