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Vision 2020

We believe that if we work towards our vision for the future, we can surely make it happen. Like every human being, every Organisation also has its own vision encoded in it. We just need to give an intuitive edge to our heart and this vision will be decoded. Here is our vision for Loving in 2020.

Founding of Humaniversity Loving – an Ecovillage University

  • Connecting souls together through the establishment of City Centers – Loving City Centers in all major cities.
  • School of Meditation
  • School of Ancient Yoga
  • School of Martial Arts (Zen Archery, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Judo)
  • School of Alternative Medicine & Healing
  • School of Acting
  • School of Photography
  • School of Film Making
  • School of Arts (Music, Fine Arts, Literature, Performing Arts)
  • Organic Farming practices to combat the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers (as the old saying goes- ‘We become what we eat’). We have initiated grassroot level changes to help curb unhealthy farming practices.
  • A living community of 100 people, 1000 students & visitors
  • Shop – Café, bookshop, organic food
  • Meditation Hall for 1000 people
  • Yoga Halls for 100 people each
  • Class rooms, Training rooms & Library
  • Dojo for Kyudo, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Martial Arts
  • Residential zone with all facilities for families and individuals for a comfortable stay