Daily Yoga & Meditation Batch

//Daily Yoga & Meditation Batch

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Yoga is a mind & body practice with historical origins in ancient Indian philosophy. Various styles of Yoga combines physical postures, breathing techniques & relaxation.
Meditation – something to enjoy and celebrate. Meditations are designed to help us unwind, let-go of stress, and unburden the heart. Shaking, dancing, humming and other forms of movement can help release tight, blocked energies in our bodies and emotions.

Daily practice of Yoga & Meditation help us unwind, let-go of stress, and unburden the heart.

The Asana or yoga poses increase efficiency of digestive system. Most important is asana balance nervous system and hormones.

Silent sitting and lying on the back after active stages, allows a sacred space for inner bliss to arise.

So come….. Let us inhale Compassion, Gratitude, Goodness and exhale more & more Love, Peace and Dignity through daily practice of yoga & meditation!! 

Every Tuesday to Saturday……

Morning: 8-9 am

Evening: 6:30-7:30 pm

All are Welcome!

Registration: Book Online here or Call on 8758633222