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In “Loving Sister Circle” all women will come together in circle to learn, grow & transform together.

Every woman has that divine goddess power in her own being, waiting to be discovered, recognized and uplifted.
Meditation will help all women to find our depth and look within for our security, identity, and strength.

“Its time to remember who you really are, not who others have told you to be. You are powerful infinite being, stand in your power confidently”

Choosing to participate in this way is a powerful gift to your self and to your community. Its so impactful & deeply nourishing.

Daily participation in “Loving Sister Circle” will help you to:

RECLAIM your aliveness as a woman.
DEEPEN your connection with your true self.
OPEN yourself to happiness, fulfillment and love.
FIND stronger alignment with your true potential
CLEAR old, unwanted thought patterns and let go of old habits.
HEAL old wounds, sufferrings & release all pain from the mind & body.

We will Practice:

  • Active,Passive & Social Meditations
  • Loving Yoga
  • Friendship Meeting
  • Sharing
  • Creativity like Painting, Crafting & Cooking
  • Dance & lots of fun

Facilitator : Loving Team

How to join: Only for Women. All women are invited to join your hands together with your presence & participation.

To Register call on 8758633222/8758533222 

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