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Zen Counselor helps you to find your own answer.

Zen Counseling is a simple & effective form of counseling created by Mr. Dharma Kenichi Ishimaru in the year 2000 in Japan and he has trained over 1000 people worldwide.

Fundamental difference between Zen Counseling & western counseling is that Zen Counsellor will never give an answer to your problem but will help you to find your own answer.

Another major difference is that Zen Counsellor will not relate to you as a patient, but as a Buddha(Awakened One), who is struggling to find an answer to a problem or issue.

Zen Counselor believes that when you have a problem/issue, you also have an answer/solution hidden deep inside you. So, no one else’s answer will work for you; you must find your own answer/solution and Zen Counsellor will help you to find it.

Zen Counseling will solve all your problems; anxiety, depression, mental disorders, health problems, study or relationship issue, financial or even spiritual issues.

There are 6 stages to find an answer in Zen Counseling



Clarifying the Probelm

Finding the direction of the Goal

Finding the Goal

Finding a Solution

Each session of Zen Counseling lasts about 60 minutes and depending on your problem, you may require 3-4 sessions. Sometimes, one finds a solution in one single session as well.


  • ‘When I first heard about Zen Counseling Technique, me being a practitioner of Zen Archery, I immediately got attracted to it.
  • When Kenchi Ishimaru proposed that Zen Counseling would solve all your problems, I did not believe him.  I wanted to see it myself, and after the training, it was true, I found solution to all my problems.
  • Since 2009, after getting trained myself as Zen Counselor, I practice this at my center. Zen Counseling helped so many people find their solutions to their problems. I love Zen Counseling, it is very helpful to mankind.’
  • I offer Zen Counseling sessions personally or Online on Face Time or Skype. You may call me on +919825034740 to schedule an appointment. My Skype id is lovingaum & FaceTime is +919825034740 or ronak@lovingworld.in
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