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Project Description

Each grown up person has still a little child inside. The little boy or little girl that you once were has become a part of your unconscious mind. It still carries the fears and wounds from the past, but also the playfulness, aliveness and the sense of wonder that little children have.

In this group we use hypnotic trance work to heal the fears and wounds from the past. When the inner child feels healthy and secure it can again laugh, play and enjoy life.
In hypnotic trances, in play and meditations you will discover that this magical child is still alive in you. We will invite it back into your life. This will bring you in direct contact with an endless source of joyful energy.

Facilitator: Madita Dickhut

Madita Dickhut has been with Osho since 1979. She has been leading trainings and workshops in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Meditation in the Osho Meditation Resort in Pune (India) and in different countries all over the world for many years. So she has worked with most different social conditionings and mind-maps. She uses the philosophy and brilliant tools of NLP as well as the experience of meditation to help people to use their thinking processes in a helpful way. The goal always is an improvement of life quality towards more joy, intelligence and inner peace.

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