Love in Action – An Essence of Humaniversity Therapy

//Love in Action – An Essence of Humaniversity Therapy
Love in Action – An Essence of Humaniversity Therapy2017-10-10T20:27:42+00:00

Project Description

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Love is a subtle energy flowing through your being. Opening your heart to your body and your mind, you will feel the essence of life and be amazed!

You will dive deeply into yourself with therapeutic exercises and emotional expression created to bring you in contact with the energy from your loving heart. When you share this space with others, it will help you to stay in the Here and Now , and you learn to be open while feeling vulnerable and soft. Love is receiving and giving, taking and letting go, welcoming and saying good bye, and being grateful for all that happened to you..

This leads to a process of gentle healing of hurts from old belief systems and conditioning acquired during your life. The result will be that you find fulfillment and contentment within yourself.

“When love goes into action,
Life becomes amazing,
Our minds
Become naked,
Our hearts
Start to radiate
And the world
Becomes a Paradise.”
(Veeresh; from the CD ‘Love in Action’)

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