International Women’s Day & Sister Circle

//International Women’s Day & Sister Circle
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Project Description

“It’s time to remember who you really are, not who others have told you to be. You are a powerful infinite being, stand in your power confidently.” – Chantelle Renee

 Since ancient times, women have been coming together in a circle, to learn, grow and transform together. These gatherings have strengthened bonds and created communities by offering a space for women to connect with their authentic truth and each other. In many communities in our modern world, we’ve lost touch with this sacred ritual of connection and community. It is time to ignite and unify Sister Circles together!

 Choosing to participate in this way is a powerful gift to yourself and to your community; it can be both personally impactful and deeply nourishing.

Let us all join hands. Your presence and participation create a new era of the way women relate to each other.

 Facilitator: Rishma Palkar

Only for Women

Contribution: Gift Economy

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