Zen Counseling Session

//Zen Counseling Session

Zen Counseling Session




Zen Counseling is a simple form of counseling in a Zen Way.

Zen Counselor believes that when you have a problem/issue, you also have an answer/solution for it. Zen Counselor helps you to find your own answer. Actually, no one else’s answer will work for you; it has to come from within you.

Another major difference between Zen Counseling & traditional Counseling is that Zen Counselor sees you as a Buddha, not as a patient. Zen Counselor will listen to you & your problem with compassion & open loving heart without any judgments. This will help you open more & speak about your problem. The more you speak; your problem comes more in awareness. Once you see clearly with awareness, it is much easier to find a solution, which is just right next to your problem.

Dr. Ronak Gandhi says,

  • ‘When I first heard about Zen Counseling Technique, me being a practitioner of Zen Archery, I immediately got attracted to it.
    When Kenchi Ishimaru proposed that Zen Counseling would solve all your problems, I did not believe him. I wanted to see it myself, and after the training, it was true, I found solution to all my problems.
  • Since 2009, after getting trained myself as Zen Counselor, I practice this at my center. Zen Counseling helped so many people find their solutions to their problems. I love Zen Counseling, it is very helpful to mankind.’
  • Each session of Zen Counseling lasts about 60 minutes and depending on your problem, you may require 3-4 sessions. Sometimes, one finds a solution in one session as well.
  • Call/Whatsapp +91 8758633222 to book an appointment


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