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Welcome To Loving!

Loving – The Way of the Heart – Center for Transformation is an Institute for Personal Growth.

Loving is a place to rejuvenate, transform, heal, relax, learn, practice, connect, meditate and feel love, joy & happiness. We are working towards making a better world. We are a Holistic Community Meditation Center.

Loving The Way of the Heart

Our vision is to be the leading center to help people enhance inner joy, realize their true potential & master their own life.

To realize our vision, we offer life-changing Daily Practices, Workshops, Personal Sessions, Retreats & Trainings for the benefits of students, teachers, groups, and organisations with the help of following techniques:

  • Active, Passive & Social Meditations
  • Humaniversity Therapy
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Ancient arts like Chi Kung & Zen
  • Holistic Healing
  • The Science of Consciousness
  • Community development
  • Creative & Cultural activities

The Loving Foundation is a registered charity. All donations to the organization are tax-free under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

  • 2001: Started as a Bookshop, Library & Meditation Center in Ahmedabad city, India on 1-11-01.
  • 2003: Participation in National Book Fairs.
  • 2004: Trained as a Meditation Facilitator by Osho Multiversity, Pune.
  • 2008: 1st Dan (Black Belt) in Japanese Zen Archery conferred upon Dr Ronak Gandhi
  • 2009: Dr Ronak Gandhi becomes a Zen Counselor under Zen Kinesiology, Japan
  • 2010: The online OSHO books store www.OshoOnline.com is launched
  • 2011: Veeresh, Founder of Humaniversity suggested a new name, ‘Loving! The Way of the Heart – Center for Transformation’
  • 2011: Dr Ronak Gandhi becomes a Social & AUM Meditation Leader and a Peace Ambassador by Humaniversity, Holland
  • 2012: Celebration of Mayan’s ‘End of the World’ in Mumbai on 21st December 2012
  • 2013: The first Loving city center in Ahmedabad commences operations
  • 2013: Loving, Mumbai is visited by Veeresh, the founder of Humaniversity, Holland
  • 2013: The 4th Dan (Black Belt) in Japanese Zen Archery is conferred upon Dr Ronak Gandhi
  • 2014: Loving, Ahmedabad is visited by Veeresh and the Humaniversity team
  • 2015: On 21st March, we conduct Enlovement Training & Retreats
  • 2015: On the eve of the World Suicide Prevention Day, we conducted an amazing Awareness Program
  • 2015: Association with the 1096 Zindagi Helpline by the Police Commissioner, Ahmedabad city
  • 2016: Training and workshop by Madita Dickhut & start of Enlovement Training
  • 2017: The Loving Foundation receives a certificate as a registered charity under section 80G of Income Tax act
  • 2017: Friendship Cafe established in March 2017.

We are deeply indebted to Veeresh Denny Yuson Sanchez, the founder of Humaniversity, who graciously suggested the unique name that now defines our very identity– ‘Loving! – The Way of the Heart – Center for Transformation’.

Loving by Veeresh

We are also grateful to Ms. Lipsa Rupakar who created the first version of the ‘Loving Heart’ based on the Fibonacci principle.


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