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Dr. Ronak Gandhi
Dr. Ronak GandhiFounder
Ronak is a Medical Doctor specialized in Health Care Management, Partner in Family Business and 4th Black Belt in Kyudo – Japanese Zen Archery. He is an acclaimed Peace Ambassador from Humaniversity, Holland and expert in Meditation, Therapy, Hypnosis & Healing Arts.

Dr. Ronak early in his life realized that there is more to life than practicing medicine and managing business. He also felt the urge to seek wisdom beyond the realms of medicine and surgery that is why he set out on this path of a seeker. He learnt meditations and martial arts traveling far and wide in his search of the hidden mysteries of life and met many Teachers from different schools & art.

His search was for the purpose of life on earth, is there any life beyond death, if everything is predestined what are we here to do, what is love, is there any God? He had known that these are not new questions but the same age-old enquiries. Many people in this world has received this answers to their heart, all the answers are within us, no one can give this answers to us, that’s where he found his answers, in his own heart, that’s what is called Enlovement.

Ronak is on a mission to spread Enlovement. I am on a mission to share my knowledge of Self Growth by way of Ancient Arts, Meditations, and Therapy. My years of learning with Spiritual Masters combined with my trainings are all but a way to help myself & people to be happy and have fulfilled & creative lives. Since my childhood, friendship is so important in my life. I am so rich to have so many friends. Friendship is my mission.”

Ronak is trained & experienced in -

◦ Social & AUM Meditation Leader by Humaniversity, Holland
◦ Peace Ambassador by Humaniversity, Holland
◦ 4th Dan (Black Belt) in Japanese Zen Archery - Kyudo
◦ OSHO Meditations
◦ Chi Kung & Self Hypnosis
◦ Zen Counselling by Zen Kinesiology, Japan
◦ Fellow of Royal Institute of Public Health.
◦ Acuenergetics – I by School of Acuenergetics, Australia

Our Valuable Team Members

Devan Raval
Devan RavalArt Therapist
Devang is a Professional Artist and a Meditator. He has his own Art Gallery & has organized exhibitions & seminars on his paintings at various places in the country. He strongly believes that his endeavor towards inner transformation & Personal Growth through Loving has helped him unlock his artistic potential and provided him with artistic insights at all times.
Rishma Palkar
Rishma PalkarMeditation Facilitator
I am an MBA in Management Information Systems and trained in OSHO Meditations as a Facilitator. My Work at Loving is to manage the Social Media Marketing and conduct regular Meditation classes for Individuals. I believe that by investing in Personal Growth only i can take responsibility of my own life and my happiness. My life is dedicated to taking a proactive approach towards becoming more loving, creative and friendly.
Rinkal Soni
Rinkal SoniCo Ordinator
She is a commerce graduate and pursuing post graduation. She manages all inquiries at Loving Center, Ahmedabad, manages programs, classes, and workshops. She is also coordinating with Volunteers, Student Ambassadors & Loving’s Peacemakers. She is also learning to facilitate daily meditations. “ I am so fortunate to be associated with Loving in my young age, I am gaining more n more clarity about my life.”
Dixit Shah
Dixit ShahCo Ordinator, Mumbai
I am representing Loving in Mumbai. I am a Product Photographer in Diamond industry.
I participate in Loving’s workshops in Mumbai, I assist Ronak in all the workshops & my goal is to live my life fullest. I am proud to be the part of Loving.
Mamta Hathliya
Mamta HathliyaProgram Manager
A Biomedical Engineer by qualification, Mamta Hathliya is our Program Manager for Research, 101 Transformation Program & Trainings. She has attended several of our workshops as a participant and slowly her affinity towards meditations & personal growth grew in large proportions. She has been since then religiously working hard and bringing smiles in peoples lives by her perky attitude and cheerful disposition.