Enlovement – Your True Potential

//Enlovement – Your True Potential
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Enlovement – Your True Potential

Enlovement means being in a state of Love. Self-Discovery of who you are, journey of Love, Light & Laughter, Opening of your Heart, Flowering of your utmost potential, Reclaim your lost childhood, Merge in to oneness with all and dive into the nothingness. Yes, it is possible to attain this state of Enlovement, in fact it is our birthright and it can happen at this very moment.

We are not born to feel pain or miserable, we are born to live in bliss. What prevent this to happen is our past painful memories, fears, desires & wrong value system either created by our own mind or falsely given by others; parents, teachers & society. Love is always the answer and it unlocks all the hidden treasure from heart.

Only living in a state of love – Enlovement, we can live true to ourselves and have a fulfilled life, be it relationships, creativity, flowering, achieving our life’s vision, to spread this message of love and creating friendships in our life.

Enlovement Diary

a unique creation to help you in your daily personal growth, Transformation & to achieve your life’s vision.

Social Meditation

Learn new Social Meditations from Humaniversity, Holland, a creation by Veeresh Yuson Sanchez

Emotional Release

Release all your negative emotions in a safe, supportive environment with the guidance of a trained facilitator

Group Therapy

Learn more about yourself & others by living, meditating & working together. Love is an ultimate therapy.

Reprogram Your Mind

Using Self Hypnosis for Meditation

Creative Arts

Explore your creativity with Aman Prabhakar


Heal yourself of the past & be free

Lots of Fun


Dr Ronak Gandhi

He is a Medical Doctor specialized in Health Care Management, Partner in Family Business and 4th Black Belt in Kyudo – Japanese Zen Archery. He is an acclaimed Peace Ambassador from Humaniversity, Holland and expert in Meditation, Therapy, Hypnosis & Healing Arts.

What Participant’s Say

This is a beautiful effort by Ronak and this program has a lot of depth. If done with proper understanding, it can transform a person in a shorter span of time. Having a balanced life and being centered is the key to a blissful life. This is a good formula to detoxify. I hope everybody discovers this for themselves.
Smita Gondkar, Actress